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Thanks for joining suburbanbaker! Here you'll find everything you need to create your own delicious dish. From main courses to appetizers, from fancy to a little on the trashy side! =P

You're also welcome to post your own favorite recipes. In fact, ITS ENCOURAGED! =) The motivation behind this community is to share recipes that aren't only good, but ones you can achieve in your own home. Cooking should be fun, not intimidating! Your favorite go to recipe may turn into somebodies new favorite!

· Please be respectful to the posters and other community members. It's okay to joke around, but don't be rude.
· Try to use proper measurements. It's completely fine to say things like "pinch" or "dab", but specifics are a lot easier for some than saying "just eyeball it."
· Please try to use entry tags when posting. It makes things a lot easier for other members to get around. (i.e. Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Entree, Dessert, Korean, Mexican...) Sometimes a tag isn't available yet, but the mods will try to go through and make them as needed.
· Please don't fake cut. You're more than welcome to link to an outside website, but please post the recipe and picture in an entry.

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